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Do you want to know how previous students have experienced the courses at Art of Colors? You can read all the reviews here and immediately learn more about working as a makeup artist or hairstylist as well as gaining an overall impression of Art of Colors.
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  • Ayeshah



    ‘My passion has always been makeup! It comes as no surprise then that I ended up at Art of Colors. The fact that you can enhance the best features of a face using makeup gives me such a kick! Before starting the course I was missing the basic theory; I was already quite good at the practical side. The most important theory lessons teach you the basic ingredients that a makeup artist must have; how you can mix the correct shade of foundation, which colour suits which face, which eyeshadow colour with which eye colour, etc. During my training at Art of Colors, I learned how to study faces and then how to get started. In addition, I had the opportunity of working on some fantastic projects during my training. For example I worked for a number of luxury makeup brands and finally ended up as an MUA at M.A.C Cosmetics. And I am still very happy to be working there!’

  • Lorenzo Lorenzo Lorenzo Lorenzo Lorenzo



    ‘The Makeup Artist Course has helped me enormously with my career! To this day, I’m so glad I chose Art of Colors. You learn so much: from various techniques to the internships. These have all taken my skills to the next level. My teacher was really good too. I’m extremely lucky that I had her to teach me. She gave me excellent feedback and got me to really think about my work. I’m currently doing the Advanced Class at Art of Colors. This additional course ensures that you learn to think out of the box even more, which is extremely important as an MUA! There is a different experienced teacher for every part of this Class, which enables you to develop better. In addition to this, I work at M.A.C Cosmetics partly thanks to Art of Colors. I really enjoy it!’

  • Donna Donna



    ‘I really enjoyed my course at Art of Colors. The lessons are given by people who are at the centre of their profession. So, not only do you get real accounts from the makeup world, you also learn about the latest trends. I thought the lessons were really educational. As a result, now that I’ve finished my training, I feel like I’ve got a really good basis to build on. In addition to the lessons, you also get the opportunity to attend numerous (trend) events and do internships. The various internships enabled me to discover exactly the direction I wanted to go in and what I really enjoyed doing. At the trend events of M.A.C Cosmetics or NARS for example, you learn about their most popular products and the upcoming collections. So you get to discover new things every time. I really learned a lot from these events and found them to be a valuable addition to the course!’

  • Marlies



    ‘In 2018 I followed the Make-up course at Art of Colors. You can then follow an Advanced Class, which I have almost completed! What struck me during my training at Art of Colors is that you very quickly get the chance to participate in cool, educational and inspiring internships. This helps enormously! Not only with regard to your image (it gives you an idea of ​​what you can do with it after the training), but it also helps you get better at your profession as a makeup artist.

    During the training you have lessons a few times a week, during the week you do homework assignments on which you receive feedback from a teacher during the lessons. 

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  • Kirsty



    ‘Towards the end of my training at Art of Colors, Judith asked me whether I was interested in working for M.A.C. Cosmetics. For years, I’ve been a fan of all the M.A.C. products so my answer was simple: yes! A few weeks later, I was called and asked to come for an interview. The first interview was a preliminary one but I was asked back to do a demonstration in Maarssen a week later. Although I was quite nervous, the atmosphere was very relaxed. Together with fifteen other candidates, I had to apply a smoky eye in 15 minutes. After that, we were each given feedback on the look. We were then asked to wait in another room. Shortly afterwards, I was told that I was through to the final interview. That interview focussed mainly on the reason I wanted to work for M.A.C., my mission as a makeup artist and what I would do in certain situations. I was then congratulated and told that I could start as a freelancer for M.A.C. Amazing! I did this for three months after which I was given a one year contract. To this day, I am still working for M.A.C. at Hudson’s Bay and I really enjoy working there.’

  • LouLou LouLou



    ‘When I was 15, I decided to attend the (evening) course to become a makeup artist at Art of Colors in Amsterdam alongside my secondary school education in Maassluis. After I had completed the Makeup Artist Course, I was invited to take part in the Advanced Class, which I completed when I turned 16. During the Makeup Artist Course, I learned a great deal and received good, substantive lessons. I learned that, as an artist, you never really finish. In a creative profession you take a critical view of your own work and I also notice this with makeup. Your work is never finished as there is always something that can be improved on. There is always greater scope for personal development, which I personally find very interesting. It is a constant, endless learning process in which you continue to reflect on yourself and your work. It motivates me to continue to develop in makeup. I’m now 19 and work at Pearl Magazine where I am makeup artist, creative director, (graphic) designer and part-time editor.’

  • Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes


    ‘When I visited the Open Day at Art of Colors, I knew straightaway that I wanted to do this course. I have followed the Makeup Artist Course, Advanced Class and the Masterclass Hairstyling at Art of Colors. During the courses, I was taught by excellent teachers from the profession and learned so much both during the lessons as well as my internship. Judith, the owner of Art of Colors, also offers internship placements for the Makeup Artist Course and the Masterclass Hairstyling. I couldn’t wait to secure an internship placement as I was eager to experience what the profession was really like. Over the course of my internships, I gained more self confidence and learned a lot about the profession. I also learned the importance in this profession of networking and staying abreast of the latest developments (such as trends). Currently, I am working as a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist and work on many different assignments including photo shoots, workshops, TV recordings, etc. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel glad that I completed these courses and I still enjoy every day of work as a makeup artist and hairstylist.’

  • Joycelynn



    ‘I started at Art of Colors in Hoorn in 2011. It was extremely educational and focused on numerous makeup techniques in particular. This was exactly what I was looking for in a course. Just before I finished the school year, I set up my company as I was already doing large projects for, among others, Nuon and Christine le Duc. After completing the course, I followed a number of masterclasses to continue my development even further: backstage fashion, TV makeup and hairstyling. I have also had the chance to do many great internships. Now, a few years on, I have already done many fantastic assignments. In particular, I do television, online commercials and music videos (Heldens, Nielson and Afrojack). Last year, I also did the makeup for the series Fashionchick from TLC. Other than that, I have been surrounded by giraffes while working on a commercial in the Beekse Bergen Safari Park and I’ve also travelled to Belgium for Disney. I’m glad I followed the course at Art of Colors because this was the best basis for my career.’
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