Course Regulations

The course regulations apply to all courses at Art of Colors.

General concept definition:
Art of Colors: training institute that offers courses in makeup art, special makeup art, hairstyling and fashion styling, to call school.
Participant: the individual who has registered at the school.
Education contribution: The costs of the course including registration fee, but excluding exam fee.

The participant has a right to full information about the content of the course, the results obtained and the certificate to obtain.

§ The holidays are the holiday periods as set by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The school may deviate from them in special cases in which case the
participant will be notified in good time.
§ Absence of the lessons must always be reported and does not entitle the participant to full or partial refund of the education contribution. The school keeps records of absence.
When the school finds the absence to be disproportionate, the school may exclude the participant from the exam and/or not provide a certificate. For the professional makeup art course absence of more than 3 in 28 lessons is considered disproportionate.
§ It is possible to catch up a maximum of two classes on the specified dates. The fee for a catch-up lesson is € 75, -.

§ Prior to each lesson it is clearly stated which model you need to bring. Make sure you have your model with you. Without a model you cannot join the practical lessons and it is therefore considered a missed lesson.
§ If the participant wants to complete the course Makeup Art or Fashion Styling with a qualification, the models used must meet the requirements described in the additional exam

§ The costs for photos and photographer are not included in the education contribution unless stated otherwise on the registration form and the website of the school.
§ All rights of photographic material that is produced during the lessons are held by the school. The use of photographs for publicity purposes, for example, can take place without consent of or compensation to the participant or model.

§ The professional makeup art course can be completed with an exam.
§ For the professional Makeup Art and Fashion Styling course the Additional exam regulations also apply. The additional regulations, together with the course regulations, are sent with the registration form and are available at the school.
§ All courses are completed with a certificate of participation. Prerequisite for the certificate is sufficient participation and a positive assessment by the teacher.
§ The costs for the exam are included in the price of the course.

§ If the participant’s personal details change, the participant shall immediately notify the school in writing.
§ The school is not liable for loss, damage or theft of personal property as well as property of the models brought to class.
§ The house rules apply during the lessons. These are clearly visible at the class location.
§ The school determines which books, materials and teaching aids may be used during the course. The materials used must meet the specified exam requirements.
§ To participate in the course, the participant needs to purchase the course materials by Art of Colors. The materials have to be paid before the beginning of the course. In case of overdue payment, the course is considered terminated by the participant.
§ The copyrights of the course materials rest with the school and may therefore not be duplicated or made public without permission.
§ Order procedures: the participant must follow instructions from the management and/or teachers. Failure to comply may result in suspension and/or exclusion. In such cases, this
does not exempt the participant of the liability of the education contribution.

§ With the payment of the (first part of the) tuition fee the participant confirms to agree to the Course regulations.
§ The participant is in advance of the start of the course the total tuition owed, but – be paid in installments with the consent of participants as stated in the invoice for the course, with the understanding that if a participant will be in default with the timely payment of several installments, the payment immediately and without further notice will cease to apply and the (remaining) are due and will be fully claimable. Note! The first installment is equal to half the tuition.
§ In default of payment within 30 days after the due date the participant without further notice owes the statutory interest rate. In case the school is forced to relinquish the recovery of outstanding amounts, any judicial and extrajudicial collection costs are borne by the participant.
§ In case the participant is dismissed for one or more components of the exam, the school may bring a proportional part of the education contribution for attending classes for a re-exam to the participant.

§ In case of terminating the course within 14 days after paying the entry fee, all amounts paid will be refunded in this case to participant.
§ Terminations must be made in writing to Terminations made by phone will not be accepted.
§ When enrolling on a course the participant commits itself to the entire duration of the course. Up to six (6) weeks before the start of the course termination is free of charge except registration free. From six (6) weeks to two (2) weeks prior to the course the termination fee is 25% of the total education contribution. From two (2) weeks before the start of the course the termination fee amounts 50% of the total education contribution of the remaining period. Cancellation after the start of the course is not possible.
§ Terminations must be made in writing. Terminations made by phone will not be accepted.
§ On the death of the participant, the agreement is considered terminated as of the date of death. In advance paid education contribution relating to the period after the termination of the agreement will be reimbursed.
§ The school is authorized to unilaterally terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the participant behaves in such a way that it can be reasonably assumed that the interests of the school or of other participants are severely harmed. In such cases, this does not relieve the participant of the liability of the education contribution.

In the event of insufficient applications or otherwise the school is entitled to change or cancel the agreed upon school day(s) and/or class time(s) no later than three weeks before the start of the course. The school must inform this to the participant(s) in writing.
Agreements already entered into relating to the latter shall be dissolved without costs for the participant(s).

Art of Colors strives to keep satisfied participants. In case the participant has a complaint regarding the course, the participant is requested to serve the complaint in writing to the management of Art of Color, provided with arguments. This must be done within a period of two weeks after the end of the course. To ensure proper handling the management ensures that contact with the participant is established as soon as possible after receiving the complaint. In case the handling of a complaint is not satisfactory, the participant can submit a complaint to the complaints committee of Art of Colors. This is an independent mediator appointed by Art of Colors and makes binding decisions for both the participant and Art of Colors.