School Regulations

These are the School Regulations of Art of Colors makeup artist school located in Amsterdam. Art of Colors makeup artist school is a member of the Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO). These school regulations follow the general terms and conditions and the code of conduct of the NRTO.

In addition to the General Terms & Conditions of the NRTO, the following provisions specifically apply to the courses at Art of Colors makeup artist school:

  • At the PRO Makeup Artist Courses and ON SET Hairstyling Courses, it is mandatory to purchase teaching materials at Art of Colors. The teaching materials must be paid before the start of a course. In the event of late payment, the teaching materials will not be provided and participation in the course will be cancelled. The participant must pay the cancellation costs as described in the General Terms and Conditions of the NRTO.
  • For the PRO Makeup Artist Course, you need to bring a model for each lesson. Without a model you cannot participate in the practical lessons and it will be seen as a missed lesson.
  • The school holds all rights to photographic material made by the school during the lessons. The use of photos for publicity purposes, for example, can take place without permission from or compensation to the participant or model.
  • Additional Exam Regulations apply to the PRO Makeup Artist Course. The examination regulations are made available to the participant during the 1st lesson and are available for inspection at the school.
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