On Set Hairstyling for makeup artists

Effortless and yet still polished: just how do the top hairstylists do it? They conjure up skilful (catwalk) hairstyles with seeming ease. Do you also want to include hairstyling on your CV in addition to your makeup artist training in order to get started as a fully fledged makeup artist? In that case, the Masterclass Hairstyling is for you.

Passion is the keyword in this Masterclass. No previous experience with hair is required for this Masterclass but you do need the passion to do something with it. The Masterclass Hairstyling at Art of Colors is specifically intended for the makeup artist that wishes to do hairstyling and editorial hair on set in addition to good makeup. The Masterclass is an addition to the makeup training in order to get started as an all-round makeup artist. A team of teachers from the profession will teach you the basics of hairstyling in small classes in 1.5 months.

Lesson materials

For this course, you need lesson materials. You can choose out of the sets below. Click on the sets to view the contents.

OPEN DAY on Wednesday evening, June 19th or Sunday afternoon, June 23rd
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Masterclass Hairstyling Amsterdam Art of Colors Masterclass Hairstyling voor visagisten Amsterdam Art of Colors Masterclass Hairstyling voor MUAH Amsterdam Art of Colors Masterclass Haarstyling Amsterdam

Why Art of Colors

In the Masterclass Hairstyling you learn how to work with a hands-on approach. Not only do you learn how to create various looks during each lesson but you also discover how you can develop your own creativity. In addition to this, a professional hairstylist teaches you all the extras and techniques to enable you to qualify as an all-round makeup artist. This Masterclass therefore perfectly complements your Makeup Artist Course or Advanced Class.

About the lesson

Are you curious as to what happens during a lesson? You learn how to think and work conceptually during our lessons. Technique is the main ingredient of this Masterclass. Not only do you learn how to work with a curling iron and hair straightener, but you are taught the intricacies of applying hair extensions. If you wish to practice at home, you can do so using a training head (with real hair) which you receive after the first lesson to take home with you in order to carry out your assignments. During the lesson you can use the free online model databank and you should bring a model with you. You do need the Masterclass Hairstyling as a makeup artist. It is not an addition but regarded as a requirement by many (future) clients. Indeed, for many assignments it is expected that you are also skilled in hairstyling.

What you learn 

  • Working with various materials and products
  • Prepping hair 
  • Creating a sleek ponytail
  • applying hair extension
  • Various braiding techniques
  • Various ways to blow dry
  • Setting waves and curls
  • The technique of backcombing
  • Various techniques to secure hair
  • Various ways of putting up hair
  • Creating various knots and twists
  • Process extensions in loose and fixed hair
  • Black Hairstyling Basics & Laying Baby Hair
  • Developing hair from basic to big fashion hair 

A nice bonus for you as a student: Do you wish to continue working with Art of Colors at the end of the Masterclass? Great! It is also possible to work in the makeup and hair team of the Art of Colors Agency.

The price tag

€100 registration fee

4 x €195 monthly. If you pay the tuition fee in one go, it is €755

For the ON SET Hairstyling Masterclass, we ask you to purchase a Basic hairstyling package. This package includes a practice head with real hair and is available for €225.

Start your registration by choosing your preferred start date under 'Start dates & registration'. 

The extras for students

  • You receive personal attention during our course due to our small classes.
  • You can use our free online model databank.
  • In addition, you can use our hairstyling materials. 
  • Drinks
  • You have the opportunity to work in the makeup and hair team at Art of Colors Agency after the course.