‘In 2018 I followed the Make-up course at Art of Colors. You can then follow an Advanced Class, which I have almost completed! What struck me during my training at Art of Colors is that you very quickly get the chance to participate in cool, educational and inspiring internships. This helps enormously! Not only with regard to your image (it gives you an idea of ​​what you can do with it after the training), but it also helps you get better at your profession as a makeup artist.

During the training you have lessons a few times a week, during the week you do homework assignments on which you receive feedback from a teacher during the lessons. 

The internships that the program offers are not mandatory and you will not get a 'punishment' if you have not done your homework. You only have yourself here. You will see gradually

large differences in level arise among fellow students. The eager students (who are always present at the lessons and doing their homework) stand head and shoulders above the rest. I think it is especially important to be open to feedback from the teachers and fellow students during the training. You can learn the most from that. That way you decide how much you get out of your training.

I liked the training (and the accompanying internships) so much that I also decided to take the additional Advanced Class. This is not only a way to gain extra knowledge, but also an opportunity to take your portfolio to a higher level. I am now also affiliated with the Art of Colors Agency. This means that I am regularly presented with cool and paid assignments.

I can recommend this course to anyone who has a passion for make-up. It is a broad, personal training that allows you to go in all directions in the profession.'