Makeup Artist school Hoorn

At Art of Colors makeup artist school Hoorn, all courses are offered in Dutch. Do you want to follow a course in English? View the available courses at our location in Amsterdam

Art of Colors Hoorn

Schoolsteeg 8 - 10
1621 CE  Hoorn
+31 (0229) 85 28 77

Bij Art of Colors makeup school Hoorn worden de volgende opleidingen aangeboden:

Training Basic Make-up

Opleiding Visagie

1 on 1 for Makeup Artists

In Hoorn worden alle visagie opleidingen in het Nederlands aangeboden.

Opleiding visagie school in Hoorn Visagieschool in Hoorn Opleiding visagie Art of Colors makeup artist school Hoorn
  • Maximum of 9 participants
  • Professional workstations
  • Photo studio present
  • Heart of the city center
  • Optimally accessible by public transport
  • Free parking