Alternative financing options for education

Check below whether 1 of the financing options below applies to you. Information applies when you are a Dutch citizen.

  • Follow training through the UWV

Art of Colors is a recognized school by the UWV. Ask your contact person whether you can start a Makeup Artist Training Course at Art of Colors if you receive a benefit from the UWV.

  • Follow training through your municipality

Sometimes the municipality will pay (part of) your education. Check the website of your municipality for the possibilities or make an appointment. Click here to find the website of your municipality

  • Loan for your education through your municipality

Municipalities can also lend you money to pay for a course. Sometimes you do not have to repay the entire loan. Click here to see what the Municipality of Amsterdam

  • Follow training through your employer

Often employers have agreed through the collective labor agreement to pay for training of employees. Your employer then has a jar for you with which you can choose which course you want to follow with it.

There are also many schemes for employers that allow them to recover a large part of their employees' tuition fees through the Tax and Customs Administration.

  • Study costs through your own company

If your study costs are related to your business and you've a Chamber of Commerce registration in the Netherlands, they are deductible. The costs are only deductible if you incur them to keep existing professional knowledge up to date. Click here for more information

    • Save for your education

    Are you not eligible for 1 of the payment options above? Then you can also save for your education at Art of Colors. You pay the course in full in advance and receive an additional 5% discount from Art of Colors on the tuition fee. Choose the amount you want to save per month, from €100 and contact us via the contact options below to discuss it.

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    The above financing options apply to the following courses:

    Basic Makeup Artist Course

    Pro Makeup Artist Course

    Advanced Makeup Artist Course

    Premium Quality
    CRKBO Registered institution
    NRTO Quality Mark