Art of Colors basic make-up set

Art of Colors basic make-up set + ZUCA Artist Backpack

  • At Art of Colors you get a 30% discount on the original retail price of the set.
  • This set can be chosen at the Basic Makeup Artist Training.
  • Receive a €225 discount when you start the PRO Makeup Artist Training in the future*

Content of the set

AOC Powder brush nr 10
AOC Contour/Blush brush nr 11 
AOC Foundation brush nr 12
AOC Concealer brush nr 13
AOC Small Cheek brush nr 15
AOC Shadow brush nr 20
AOC Blending brush nr 21
AOC Liner brush 22
AOC Brow/Lash brush 23
AOC Angled brush nr 24
AOC Pencil brush nr 28
AOC Lip brush nr 30

AOC Mixing Palette & Spatula

AOC Make-up alcohol spray

* When you start with the PRO Makeup Artist Course within 2 years, you can ask for a €225 discount on the make-up set with that training. In that case, the make-up set at the Pro Makeup Artist Course is offered without the above products.