Student stories

Do you want to know how previous students have experienced the courses at Art of Colors? You can read all the reviews here and immediately learn more about working as a makeup artist or hairstylist as well as gaining an overall impression of Art of Colors.

  • Marlies



    ‘In 2018 heb ik de Vakopleiding Visagie bij Art of Colors gevolgd. Je kunt aansluitend een Advanced Class volgen, deze heb ik bijna afgerond! Wat mij opviel tijdens mijn opleiding bij Art of Colors is dat je al erg snel de kans krijgt om mee te werken aan toffe, leerzame en inspirerende stages. Dit helpt enorm! Niet alleen bij je beeldvorming (het geeft je een beeld wat je ermee kan doen na de opleiding), maar het helpt je ook beter worden in je vak als makeup artist.

    Tijdens de opleiding heb je een paar keer per week les, doordeweeks maak je huiswerkopdrachten waar je in de lessen feedback op krijgt van een docent. De stages die de opleiding aanbiedt zijn niet verplicht en je krijgt ook geen ‘straf’ als je je huiswerk niet gedaan hebt. Hier heb je namelijk alleen maar jezelf mee. Je ziet dan ook gaandeweg 

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  • Kirsty



    ‘Towards the end of my training at Art of Colors, Judith asked me whether I was interested in working for M.A.C. Cosmetics. For years, I’ve been a fan of all the M.A.C. products so my answer was simple: yes! A few weeks later, I was called and asked to come for an interview. The first interview was a preliminary one but I was asked back to do a demonstration in Maarssen a week later. Although I was quite nervous, the atmosphere was very relaxed. Together with fifteen other candidates, I had to apply a smoky eye in 15 minutes. After that, we were each given feedback on the look. We were then asked to wait in another room. Shortly afterwards, I was told that I was through to the final interview. That interview focussed mainly on the reason I wanted to work for M.A.C., my mission as a makeup artist and what I would do in certain situations. I was then congratulated and told that I could start as a freelancer for M.A.C. Amazing! I did this for three months after which I was given a one year contract. To this day, I am still working for M.A.C. at Hudson’s Bay and I really enjoy working there.’

  • LouLou LouLou



    ‘When I was 15, I decided to attend the (evening) course to become a makeup artist at Art of Colors in Amsterdam alongside my secondary school education in Maassluis. After I had completed the Makeup Artist Course, I was invited to take part in the Advanced Class, which I completed when I turned 16. During the Makeup Artist Course, I learned a great deal and received good, substantive lessons. I learned that, as an artist, you never really finish. In a creative profession you take a critical view of your own work and I also notice this with makeup. Your work is never finished as there is always something that can be improved on. There is always greater scope for personal development, which I personally find very interesting. It is a constant, endless learning process in which you continue to reflect on yourself and your work. It motivates me to continue to develop in makeup. I’m now 19 and work at Pearl Magazine where I am makeup artist, creative director, (graphic) designer and part-time editor.’

  • Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes


    ‘When I visited the Open Day at Art of Colors, I knew straightaway that I wanted to do this course. I have followed the Makeup Artist Course, Advanced Class and the Masterclass Hairstyling at Art of Colors. During the courses, I was taught by excellent teachers from the profession and learned so much both during the lessons as well as my internship. Judith, the owner of Art of Colors, also offers internship placements for the Makeup Artist Course and the Masterclass Hairstyling. I couldn’t wait to secure an internship placement as I was eager to experience what the profession was really like. Over the course of my internships, I gained more self confidence and learned a lot about the profession. I also learned the importance in this profession of networking and staying abreast of the latest developments (such as trends). Currently, I am working as a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist and work on many different assignments including photo shoots, workshops, TV recordings, etc. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel glad that I completed these courses and I still enjoy every day of work as a makeup artist and hairstylist.’