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The master Hairstyling is for the makeup artist who wants to make the total picture. During the master, you learn the techniques for shaping and styling the hair. Experience with hair is not necessary.
In practical lessons you learn to think and work in concepts. Each job you can shape. A good technical foundation is essential. The techniques that pass are diverse. Think of working with the rod styling, different hair curlers, braiding techniques and working with extensions. 

You receive a practice head with real hair on loan to practice the techniques in class and at home.

At the end of the training there is a professional photoshoot in which your hairwork is photographed. You may also use these photos for your portfolio.
The lessons are in Dutch, but our teachers speak English to you personally.
Number of lessons:
6 lessons divided over 3 days of 6 hours. Home study approximately 2 hours a week. With suport of video tutorials.
Prior to each lesson it will be indicated wheter you need to bring a model with you. You can bring your own model or use the free online modellenbank (models bank) of Art or Colors.
There are two types of the hairstyling courses:
- The masterclass Hairstyling. The cost for the master hairstyling amount € 500,-. (Old) participants of the Art of Colors makeup artist course receive € 150,- discount. 
- The masterclass Avant Garde Hairstyling. The cost for this course amount € 600,-. (Old) participants of the Art of Colors makeup artist course receive € 150,- discount. 
Included in the costs are the entry fee, tuition, course book and photoshoot . The tuition is exempt from VAT.
A professional hairtoolset must be purchased prior to the training. The package is available for € 150,- including VAT. The contents of the professional hairtoolset can be requested by Mail mij (means mail me). 

During the lesson you are expected to use your own make-up and hair materials. By registering you will receive a list of the needed materials.
If you like to subscribe for the Training Hairstyling you can do that by contacting us via the Mail mij (means Mail me) or Bel mij (means call me) buttons above. We would be pleased to share more information with you and to welcome you at our school. 


  • Opleiding Startdata Dag Tijd Locatie Aanmelden
  • Hairstyling 27 mei 2018 Zondag 10:30-17:00 Amsterdam   vol
  • Hairstyling 14 oktober 2018 Zondag 10:30-17:00 Amsterdam   vol